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SERVPRO Can Help You Rebuild After a Fire | SERVPRO of South Atlanta

3/20/2023 (Permalink)

img src =”fire” alt = "a small house completely engulfed in flames” > For quick repairs following a fire, get in touch with our team at SERVPRO of South Atlanta.

No matter the kind of disaster, the mess it leaves behind and the stress it induces can seem inescapable. House fires are an especially devastating crisis, and the damage that flames create can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare brought to life.

If you’re left to face the aftermath of flames, our SERVPRO of South Atlanta experts can be at your rescue with the support you need to get back on track. When you work with us, we handle the loss so you can focus on recovering. As soon as you get in touch, getting your home back to its pre-fire state becomes our top priority.

Learn more about our effective method for restoring the ruins left over by a house fire:

Our Initial Move

Focusing on the health of you and your loved ones comes first in the fire recovery process. When you’re ready to get started, contact our team, and we’ll be on the way!

Because each fire emergency is unique, it is critical for our team to gain a better understanding of your specific situation to devise the most effective restoration plan. Over the phone, we’ll talk for a bit to make sure our team arrives with the right tools to get the job done.

As soon as we arrive, we’ll start by taking a look around to determine the magnitude of your fire-damaged home.

Time to Work

To save you from any more destruction, our team will board up and place tarps on the vulnerable parts of your home to keep everything running smoothly.

With the help of advanced technologies and certified practices, our team moves even quicker to get your ceilings, walls, floors and any other damaged parts of your home back to normal. After we extract smoke and soot from every surface, we go the extra mile to return your home to its original condition. A deep-clean that includes sanitization and deodorizing help to save you from bacteria and a nasty odor.

The Final Step in Recovery

The final and most vital part of the restoration is the most exciting for homeowners! Additional rebuilding work like replacing flooring or repainting walls is the cherry on top of the SERVPRO fire restoration method.

If flames resulted in major damage and your home is in need of more complex reconstruction efforts, we’ll gear up and get the job done. No matter how far the flames spread, we have the tools, experience and dedication to get your home back in shape after a fire.

For rapid repairs following a fire, get in touch with our team at SERVPRO of South Atlanta! We will work as quickly as possible to return you to a safe and fully restored property.

Water Damage Can Strike Up High or Down Low | SERVPRO of South Atlanta

3/17/2023 (Permalink)

Water damage ceiling with can lighting SERVPRO is here to help when water damage ruins your day. We make water damage claims disappear "Like they never even happened."

Water damage isn’t picky about where it strikes, and you can discover it almost anywhere around your property. Some water emergencies are immediately apparent, saving you from costly repairs, but others can be more difficult to detect.

The parts of your South Atlanta house that you visit the least could be the source of severe water damage.

It’s probably not a debatable assumption to suggest that your basement, attic and roof are among your home’s least-frequented places. While these sections of your home may be the least visited, they are among the most susceptible to water damage.

Continue reading to learn how water damage can invade these lonely spots and what to check for when you finally pay that occasional visit.

Deep Beneath Your Home

Slab leaks around your home’s foundation are very typical, particularly in older homes or homes built on a concrete foundation. If left untreated, these leaks can lead to a variety of serious problems, including foundation fractures, a high water bill, foul odors and even the entire collapse of your home’s foundation.

These issues are also indicators of leakage, along with standing water building up outside your home, low water pressure and wet or damaged flooring.

Another area where hidden water damage can be found is in the basement. Basements are another hotspot for leakage that can quickly worsen if left unnoticed for a long period of time.

Issues like overflowing gutters, a buildup of water along the home’s foundation and plumbing problems can all send water flooding down under your home. Having your home graded or investing in a sump pump can be a beneficial long-term expenditure.

Up High Where You Can’t See

If you notice your ceiling is looking a little rougher than usual, you may be dealing with a hidden roof or attic leak. These two types of water damage are linked because unnoticed roof leaks might eventually spill into your attic.

Keeping your roof in good shape is a smart method for keeping water out of locations up high that you can’t keep an eye on all of the time. Climb up on your roof regularly—or have a professional do so—to check for damaged shingles and clogged gutters. You should also trim any branches that overhang your home.

Inspecting your attic on a regular basis might also help you determine whether you have a roof leak. Check that your attic has adequate ventilation and that nothing is obstructing vents and causing excess dampness. While you’re up there, look for mold growth, which is a common symptom of moisture buildup or leaking.

Unnoticed roof and attic leaks aren’t limited to these areas, and they can quickly begin leaking down into your living space over time. Keeping these vulnerable spaces in check is the easiest way to prevent a water emergency from taking over your entire Atlanta residence.

Our crew at SERVPRO of South Atlanta includes experts in water damage restoration! We can rapidly repair your losses and dry your home to its pre-water state.

How Water Damage Erupts in the Workplace | SERVPRO of South Atlanta

3/14/2023 (Permalink)

img src =”mold” alt = "corner of interior wall showing signs of black mold from water damage” > Experienced water damage in your commercial building? SERVPRO of South Atlanta can help you get dried out quickly.

Water loss is a frequent cause of workplace interruption and can be an expensive mess for business owners to clean up. Even an inch of water is enough to shut your business down for weeks until it’s all cleaned up

Water damage can easily go unnoticed in the workplace, and it can be even harder to catch when you don’t know where to look. As you work to prevent water damage, it can be extremely helpful to keep an eye on the areas of your building that are most vulnerable to it.

3 Common Sources

Keep a close eye on these areas inside your workplace to maintain your water damage prevention efforts and to avoid expensive downtime:

  1. The roof. Slow-developing leaks or abrupt leakage after a storm can both emerge on your roof. Roof leakage can slowly drip down into your workplace, damaging anything it touches in the process. You can manage this problem by clearing your gutters and inspecting your roof for wear and tear after severe weather hits.
  2. Bathrooms. Around 15% of workplace water damage is caused by tiny leaks alone in the sink and toilet pipes. If you have multiple bathrooms in your building, assign several team members to keep an eye on these areas so that if problems erupt, you can respond quickly.
  3. Water heaters/HVAC/boilers. Equipment that’s connected to a water line can easily spring a leak due to clogs or malfunctions. Look out for wet spots near your HVAC unit, and monitor your building’s water pressure. These issues point toward water damage in its earlier stages, so it can be stopped before it worsens.

Take Preventive Steps

Water emergencies can be chaotic, but quick action can protect your business from total destruction. Planning ahead for situations like this can save you from a huge commercial mess.

Prepare a prevention plan to begin your fight against commercial water damage. Our team at SERVPRO of South Atlanta can give you some extra help as you work to safeguard your business by building an Emergency Ready Plan tailored to the needs of your workplace.

A quick and appropriate response is the best way to get commercial water damage under control. After you’ve done all you can to execute a rapid response, be sure to give us a call. We can be on the scene quickly to restore your commercial losses and protect your business.

Experienced water damage in your commercial building? Contact us to get dried out quickly.

Does Your Atlanta Business Have a Fire Escape Plan? | SERVPRO of South Atlanta

3/10/2023 (Permalink)

smoke detector on ceiling Commercial facilities that experience fire damage need an immediate response. SERVPRO is here to help 24/7, if smoke or fire damages your workspace.

Fire drills are a must, as you may recall from your elementary school days. The significance of this yearly practice is not limited to grade school; business owners should work toward implementing it in their workplace as well.

Knowing where to go when a crisis arises is something every business can benefit from, especially if flames are involved! Fires spread quickly, making a quick and orderly exit even more critical for the safety of your employees. Creating and practicing an evacuation plan on a regular basis could keep your Atlanta team from wandering the halls of your workplace when a fire breaks out.

Staying Alert Is Vital

Begin by informing your employees about various situations that will necessitate the use of your fire escape strategy. Once your team is aware of these hazards, they will not only know when to evacuate, but they will also be more adept at preventing fires in general.

When problems arise, most businesses have smoke detectors that alert the entire workplace. This should be the first sign that it’s time for your team to evacuate, regardless of where or when a fire starts.

Working smoke alarms can also aid in avoiding the need for a commercial evacuation in the first place! Also, informing your team about the location of your fire extinguishers can help make a fire emergency less damaging and may allow for a safer exit if flames get out of control.

Plan a Swift Evacuation

When you sit down to create your company fire drill, it’s essential to look over the exit routes located in your building. The ideal commercial fire drill should include at least two exit points, but if your building is larger or has multiple stories, it is best to highlight a few more exits.

As stated above, alert systems like fire alarms can be immensely helpful, but sometimes you’ll need other methods for workplace communication. Ensuring your team has a digital notification system will allow your team to receive specific updates in the middle of any crisis.

Assigning roles to trusted employees to assist in an organized evacuation is also beneficial in ensuring that everyone gets out safely.

Practice Makes Perfect

And finally, what good is a fire drill without regular test runs? Once you have successfully created a plan designed for your unique workplace hazards, employees and layout, you can conduct your first practice drill.

Make sure employees are aware of their responsibilities, where to go and what to do next in the event of a real fire emergency. Answer any questions as they pop up, and consider incorporating any employee suggestions into your final plan to make it perfect.

We are here to help Atlanta businesses bounce back after a fire emergency! Contact us, and we can restore your commercial losses and get you back to work ASAP.

Stay a Step Ahead of Atlanta’s Weather Threats | SERVPRO of South Atlanta

2/20/2023 (Permalink)

Collapsed roof under heavy snow SERVPRO is here to help restore your property no matter what size disaster caused it damaged. We make property damage "Like it never even happened."

Throughout the year, Atlanta gets hit by severe weather of all sizes and types. Tornadoes, thunderstorms and a variety of other hazards put homes and businesses at risk of damage.
The best way to prepare for these events is to start early so that your home is ready all year long.

While safeguarding your home is essential to preventing damage, staying informed and creating a plan are vital to protecting yourself and the ones you love. Knowing how to react and having
the necessary tools will be extremely beneficial in keeping your family safe when disaster strikes.

Add preparedness to your family’s regimen, and you’ll be ready for whatever the weather brings to Atlanta! We’ve compiled a list of a few easy ways you can get started.

Pack for Preparedness...An emergency pack that includes a first-aid kit should be kept inside your home at all times. You should keep this in a location that everyone in your home can access, preferably in the location where your family will report when a crisis hits.

Basic disaster supplies like food and water are obvious, but you may not realize your kit needs to be customized to meet the needs of your entire household. Your kit should include
medications, emergency phone numbers, copies of essential family documents and accommodations for any pets in the house.

Keep an Eye on Local Forecasts...There are numerous hazards to be aware of when it comes to Atlanta’s typical weather patterns. Tuning in to weather channels and keeping up with local
forecasts will allow you to respond quickly and appropriately.

Understanding what’s to come might sound easy, but it can be confusing to interpret what certain advisories might mean for you and your home. Educate yourself on the numerous weather warnings and watches that could be sent out in the Atlanta area so that you’ll know how to react.

Create an Emergency Plan...Planning for disaster in every way possible will ensure your family knows what to do when severe weather is on the horizon. A stellar emergency preparedness
plan should consist of ways to react, escape and endure a disaster. Be sure to build a plan tailored to your family’s specific needs and location as well!

Speak to your family about ways to communicate before, during and after disaster strikes, as well as ways to keep updated on the situation. Establish a meeting place so you can reunite if you become separated, as well as an evacuation plan so you can escape in a timely manner if necessary.

Partner with SERVPRO when severe Atlanta weather leaves its mark on your home. We’ll work rapidly to get your family back to your pre-disaster home.

How to React During Each Stage of an Atlanta Flood | SERVPRO of South Atlanta

2/20/2023 (Permalink)

Car driving through flood waters SERVPRO is here to help you restore your property after storm or flood damage. Call us 24/7 for emergency service!

Flooding is the deadliest and most unpredictable type of disaster that can occur anywhere and at any time. The threat of flooding looms over Atlanta at all times of the year, so planning is essential for getting through from start to finish.

Knowing what to do before and after a flood is just as important as knowing what to do while flood waters are rising. Your flood survival strategy shouldn’t stop once the water starts to flow, either; you need to be ready even after the disaster has passed!

How to Prepare for a Flood...

Flooding has become a daily challenge for communities all across the United States. Here’s how you can prepare for every phase of this common calamity:

Before a flood...

Is even on Atlanta’s radar, you should assess your flood risk and prepare your home accordingly. Keep your gutters clean, caulk any cracks or gaps and elevate your home for added security.

Prepare your family for the unexpected by creating a plan that everyone can follow, determining an evacuation zone and putting together an emergency kit. That way, when you finally receive that flood warning or watch notification, you’ll be ready.

When you receive an alert that a flood is on its way...

The first thing you should do is remain calm! Get to the highest point of your house, monitor local media for updates and be prepared to evacuate if necessary.

About half of all flood fatalities occur inside a vehicle, so you should never attempt to drive through a flooded street. If your car is caught in a flood, make a quick exit and search for higher ground.

When the flood has subsided...

You should return home with caution and be mindful of the dangers that lurk in floodwaters. Watch for news about any local road closures, and avoid areas that are flooded with standing water.

In the event of substantial flooding, you might return to a home in need of immediate repairs. Make sure to document the aftermath of any damaged items or flooded areas of your home for insurance purposes.

The final step in making a full recovery after a flood is to contact our SERVPRO of South Atlanta specialists! Since we are experts in restoring storm-damaged homes, we’ll move quickly to get your property back to how it was before the disaster.

Keep SERVPRO on speed dial for rapid recovery after floodwaters rush through Atlanta. We can be there for you 24/7 to help you deal with storm damage of any kind.

Serve Up Kitchen Safety in Your Atlanta Home | SERVPRO of South Atlanta

1/24/2023 (Permalink)

two woks over open flame in kitchen SERVPRO is here to help when fire damage happens. Let us help make your fire disaster "Like it never even happened."

For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. This bustling room serves as a meeting spot to chat with family and, of course, a place to savor a delicious home-cooked meal. This special area in your home is also a popular spot for residential fires to ignite.

Mistakes such as leaving food to cook unsupervised, placing flammable objects close to heating sources and forgetting to shut off equipment can quickly spark flames in your Atlanta kitchen.
Because kitchen fires are frequently started by carelessness, the key to keeping flames at bay is to be vigilant when cooking.

Whether you’re cooking up breakfast, lunch or dinner, remember these helpful tips next time you’re serving up something tasty.

Smart Cooking Can Prevent Flames

Staying alert whenever you use equipment like your oven or stovetop is the best method to avoid starting a fire in your kitchen. When using a heating source, keep an eye on what you’re cooking and never leave the room without turning it off first. If you have children in your home, keep them at least three feet away from your cooking appliance to prevent injury.

It’s also critical to stock your kitchen with plenty of tools to control flames if they start. Have a smoke alarm installed inside and outside your kitchen so you’ll be alerted in the event of a fire. And make sure to have your alarm installed at least 10 feet away from your cooking equipment to prevent false alarms.

Fire extinguishers are a must-have for households, and having more than one is always safer. In addition to other trouble zones in your home, you should store a fire extinguisher in your

Different types of fires can start in the kitchen, the most common being grease fires and electrical equipment fires. You might turn to your sink when a cooking fire ignites, but this is a huge mistake! Understanding how to properly douse flames in the kitchen will help you keep calamity under control.

Keep It Clean

In 2022, around 61% of all kitchen fires were caused by stovetops. Many of these fires started when flammable objects like clothing, rags, food packaging or cooking utensils were left on or near the stove.

Since the kitchen is packed full of flammable objects, it’s vital to keep everything clean and organized. Before firing up your stove, clean up any nearby items and keep your area organized
as you cook.

Make sure to wipe down and remove any grease, debris or grime before using the heating sources in your kitchen. If accidental flames were to spark, these things would only fuel your
kitchen fire.

When disaster breaks loose in your kitchen, SERVPRO can restore your losses. We can return your home to its pre-fire state so you can get back to cooking!

Prepare for the Cold by Winterizing Your Atlanta Home | SERVPRO of South Atlanta

1/16/2023 (Permalink)

Temperature signs for hot and cold Call SERVPRO is your home has suffer winter storm damage. We make water and fire damage "Like it never even happened."

Winter will finally make its official appearance on Dec 21. this year, and depending on where you reside, this arrival can come with a variety of different hazards.

Winter moves in on some cities, like Atlanta, gradually with temperature changes and the occasional snow flurries, but in other places, it sneaks up overnight and doesn’t let up until the weather begins to warm.

Wherever you reside, winter creates a variety of hazards that can damage your home and ruin this special time of year for you and your loved ones.

Thankfully, by staying mindful of all the hazards winter can pose, you can efficiently safeguard your property and protect the ones you love.

Winter Around the Nation

Icy, rainy, wet and snowy are a few of the words used to describe the winter season and the words your area uses all depend on where you fall on the map

In places like the Midwest and East Coast, temperatures are expected to plummet to uncomfortable lows and snow storms are expected for most of the season. On the West Coast, temperatures stay fairly cool and rainfall is more of a problem than blizzards.

No matter what side of the nation you reside in, being ready for the unexpected is a great way to protect your home from winter’s many threats.

Winter Around Atlanta

Winter in Atlanta can be unpredictable, with every season being a bit different from the last. While snow isn’t guaranteed every year, our community has frequently been struck by storms without warning, so it’s best to prepare for the unexpected.

Besides the occasional snow, temperatures can sometimes dip below freezing and freezing rain can cover our roadways in black ice.

Get Prepared

Understanding the various types of winter storms is a great first step in preparing for the worst this winter. You should then ensure you have multiple ways to receive weather updates. Make sure to include a source that is accessible anywhere, even during a power outage.

Additionally, an emergency kit is a great precaution to stay one step ahead of winter weather. Pack your kit full of essentials and make sure to include items that could be beneficial in the middle of a winter storm!

Regardless of how chilly this winter is, weatherproofing your windows and doors could save you from some costly water damage and an expensive electric bill. Make sure to winterize other parts of your home by addressing roof damage, cutting any branches that overhang your home, sealing up cracks around your property and adding insulation to your attic.

Enjoy everything winter has to offer inside a warm, safe home this season. Take action to secure your property, and have SERVPRO’s number handy in case of a winter emergency. We can be at your home rapidly to restore any damage caused by wild winter weather.

If you experience damage in a winter storm, call or contact us. We have the experience and equipment to get your home back to normal.

Stay Safe When Decorating for the Holidays | SERVPRO of South Atlanta

12/21/2022 (Permalink)

Beautifully decorated Christmas tree beside fire place Follow SERVPRO's holiday fire safety tips to avoid an unexpected visit from our fire mitigation and restoration team. We are here to help 24/7!

When the holidays roll around, there are so many ways to celebrate. Decking out your home for the holidays is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. However, neglecting safety precautions when decorating is a common cause of holiday fires.

Atlanta’s endless holiday events make it easy to get into the holiday spirit. Visit the Atlanta Zoo to enjoy milk and cookies with Santa or the Botanical Garden Lights for a truly unique holiday light show.

If you decide to stay home for the holidays this year, prioritize safety while you decorate. You’ll be better able to take in everything this magical time of year has to offer when you work to prevent flames in your Atlanta home!

Top Seasonal Hazards

In the United States, fire departments report around 790 holiday fires ignite each year due to decorations.

Heating sources like a fireplace or space heaters setting decorations ablaze were the main source of these fires. Christmas trees and candles are other holiday standards that might spark flames in your home if used improperly.

If your family decorates a real tree, keep it watered and away from any heat sources or open flames. If you choose the artificial version, check the box or look for a tag to verify that it is fire-resistant. Unplug your decorations when you aren’t using them to avoid flames due to overheating.

Take Preventive Measures

“The stocking were hung by the chimney with care” isn’t just a recognizable Christmas line. It’s a great way to remember to keep your holiday décor away from any open flames.

Each day, approximately 20 residential fires are started by candles, so keep them on a safe surface at a distance from all materials. If you use a fireplace to warm up your home, have it cleaned and inspected annually to prevent accidental fires.

Outdoor decorations should never be used indoors. You can prevent igniting an outdoor fire by fastening your holiday lights with insulated nails made to withstand severe weather.

If your family doesn’t already have a fire safety plan in place, this is the perfect time to get everyone involved. Educate your loved ones on these holiday safety practices to keep your Atlanta home fire-free this season. And if a fire wreaks havoc inside your home, SERVPRO is the team to turn to for expert restoration.

Have smoke or fire damage in your house? Contact us today to get cleaned up fast.

Upkeep Is Keeping Your Home Fire-Free | SERVPRO of South Atlanta

12/21/2022 (Permalink)

smoke detector with smoke SERVPRO is here to help 24/7 no matter what size fire disaster you've experienced. Let us make your fire loss "Like it never even happened".

Being the leader of a household can be both a rewarding and difficult job. Sharing your beloved home with your loved ones will undoubtedly lead to the creation of countless memories and the achievement of many milestones.

It is easy to overlook vital property maintenance when so many other significant events occur within your home. When it comes to preventing household flames, though, consistent upkeep is key to keeping your home and all those precious memories safe.

These straightforward home maintenance chores can help you protect the ones you love most and avert a fire emergency inside your cherished Atlanta property.

Check Your Smoke Alarms

  • Smoke alarms are a firefighting fundamental that every home should have, but simply having them installed isn’t enough to keep you safe. Testing and servicing your smoke detectors is an important chore you should prioritize.
  • Make sure your smoke alarm is installed correctly and maintained often. Remember to test them once a month, change their batteries at least once a year (unless they have 10-year batteries) and replace your alarms entirely every 10 years.

Practice Your Fire Escape Drill

  • Once you’ve created a fire evacuation plan with your family, don’t wait for disaster to strike before utilizing it! You need to walk through your plan ahead of a fire emergency to make sure everyone knows where to go.
  • You should practice your escape plan at least twice a year and make any necessary changes along the way. As they say, practice makes perfect, so the more you perform your drill, the more natural it will feel.

Reevaluate Your Family’s Safety Plan

  • A lot can change in your home as the years go by. You should take these changes into account when looking over your family’s fire safety plan. Just like your evacuation plan, making necessary changes will only keep you and your family safer.
  • New pets, appliances, hazards and even the age of your family members should be considered when looking over your current plan. Making adjustments to your strategy to reflect the changing dynamics of your family will maximize its effectiveness.

If a fire sparks in your Atlanta home, SERVPRO should be one of your very first calls. We’ll erase traces of flames and return you to your happy home before you know it.